Why You Should Sell Your Old Car to A Wrecker

Selling an old unwanted car can be a tedious affair. Selling it to a car dealer or an individual buyer is even more so. Dealers and individual buyers always expect your car to be in a certain condition before they would consider buying it. Not to mention that any transaction with a dealer is always slightly more cumbersome. Moreover, dealers and individual buyers always demand registration documents to validate the sale and purchase. The whole process itself takes days, even weeks before the buyer takes possession of your car from you.

It works differently with car wreckers. We have an entirely different system of buying old unwanted cars. This system is faster, more convenient, and hassle-free.

Selling to car wreckers is also easier because it involves minimum or no paperwork at all. Another reason to sell your old unwanted car to a wrecker is that they pay in cash. These transactions are instant, unlike car dealers and individual buyers. Wreckers also provide services free of cost. All in all, it’s always easier to sell your old unwanted car to a wrecker. But here are a few reasons why you should opt for a wrecker over a dealer to sell your car.

Selling To a Wrecker Is Easier and Quicker

Selling your car to a dealer or an individual buyer is a long process. It involves a detailed inspection of your vehicle, verification of your registration documents, and bargaining for a fair deal. But not with wreckers. At Auto Wreckers WA we ensure quick and smooth transactions. Car wreckers generally execute the whole transaction in one day. Their inspection isn’t as stringent as car dealers. Their offers are better because we resell used auto parts. Their service is hassle-free as their teams handle the delivery of your old unwanted used cars to their wrecking yards. All of that is free of cost.

Car wreckers are also licensed to buy old unwanted cars of all makes, models, brands, ages, and types. Selling to car wreckers involves minimum or no paperwork at all. Wreckers are authorized to buy old unwanted used scrap vehicles. They can buy cars without registration documents and pay you top cash for them. All you need to do is call them. Wreckers will offer you estimates, tow your car for free and pay you in cash on the spot. Overall, it is an easier experience to sell your old unwanted car to a car wrecker.

Car Wreckers Pay the Most in Cash Instantly

Unlike car dealers, car wreckers have an easier system in place. Their inspection process is less rigid. Car wreckers do not weigh you down with demands about the condition in which your car should be. They buy old unwanted cars in any condition and offer fair cash in return. It is possible for them to do so because they re-sell the used auto parts of your old used cars. That puts them in a position to make better offers than conventional car dealers.

Auto Wreckers WA offers the best cash deals for your old unwanted car. Our operation extends across WA. We offer services across all locations in Perth. The entire process is completed within 24 hours. We are available on weekends too.

Wreckers Buy Cars of All Types in Any Condition

The best thing about selling to a car wrecker is that they buy cars of all types. Hatchbacks, Saloons, 4WDs, Trucks, and UTEs. Wreckers buy it all. This is primarily because their client age varies to greater degrees than car dealers. They stock auto parts from all kinds of vehicles. That makes the condition of your car less important to wreckers. They salvage most of the reusable auto parts. These auto parts are then serviced and resold at affordable prices. This process helps them generate more revenue. As a result, car wreckers are better suited to offer you more cash for your old unwanted car, irrespective of its condition.


Selling your old unwanted cars to car wreckers is a better idea overall. If you think that your car needs to be fixed to convince a car dealer to buy it, it might not be worth it. The dealer might not offer a deal well suited for you. Convincing an individual buyer is always more difficult. Selling it to a car wrecker might offer better returns. They will seek less documentation and remove your car within 24 hours. 

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