Are Used Auto Parts Sold by Car Wreckers Reliable

Car wreckers are companies that buy all kinds of cars. From written-off vehicles to flood-damaged cars, wreckers buy it all. But why do they do so? What’s in it for them? Well, they buy these cars for the parts. Yes, you heard it right. Car wreckers are fundamentally involved in two things. Wrecking old unwanted cars that aren’t fit for roads anymore and selling used auto parts. They stock thousands of auto parts from all kinds of cars. You might go to a registered auto parts dealer and turn up empty-handed, but not from a car wrecker.

Car Wreckers in Perth sell used auto parts for cars of all makes, models, and brands. If you’re looking for a used auto part at an affordable price, call a wrecker now. Generally, most of the auto parts sold by car wreckers in Perth are in fair condition. But some wreckers go the extra mile by selling better quality used spare parts. Here’s how.

How Do Wreckers Find and Sell Auto Parts

Car wreckers buy used unwanted cars all the time. These cars are usually too damaged to be plying on roads. That is why they aren’t sold back as a whole. Wreckers salvage most of the reusable auto parts from these cars. These car spare parts are then stored in stockyards. If you ever visit one, it will feel like a warzone inventory of auto parts. These stockyards host spare parts for cars of any make or model. The best thing about it is that these parts are sold at highly affordable prices. Almost at half of what the auto part would cost in the market. These spare parts sold by car wreckers are definitely cheaper, but are they safe? Are they reliable?

Generally speaking, yes, these parts are reliable and safe to use. Selling used auto parts is fundamental to a wrecker’s business. This is why they take great care while selling auto parts to ensure their credibility stays intact. Some wreckers like Auto Wreckers WA do it even better. They not only salvage these parts for old cars, but they also screen them before they’re sold again. Once the parts are salvaged, they are inspected thoroughly. This includes examining these spare parts for internal damages, rust, cracks, choking, wiring, etc. After they are screened, these auto parts are then serviced. This involves repairs if needed, polishing, lubrication, or any other service that might be needed. Only after this is done, these parts are sent to our stores to be put up on sale again.

Why Should You Buy Auto Parts from A Car Wrecker

There could be plenty of reasons for that. For one, these spare parts are much cheaper. Buying brand-new spare parts for your old car might not be a good idea if it is costing you too much. In a matter of a few years, that car might get you a lesser return. So, it might be reasonable to buy used auto parts from a car wrecker near you.

Secondly, these auto parts are of the same quality. Yes, that’s right. Car wreckers salvage these auto parts from old cars. These spare parts aren’t copies of the original product. They weren’t fabricated locally either. They were salvaged from branded cars that happened to be immobile for some reason. That doesn’t essentially mean their quality is compromised. 

Lastly, some car wreckers like Auto Wreckers WA offer limited warranties on their used spare parts. Unbelievable, right? But it’s true. Some auto wreckers really do offer warranties on the auto parts they sell. But that solely depends on the component you purchase from them.


If you own a car that has been around for a while and needs new auto parts, talk to a wrecker. If the cost of new parts exceeds the return you might get on selling your car, talk to a wrecker. If you need multiple parts urgently and your car dealer is putting a waiting time on the list, talk to a wrecker. Auto wreckers Perth are completely reliable and even more affordable than you might think. 

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